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Monday, 24 October 2011

Skull Tattoos

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Skull Tattoos
A recent occurrence in tattoo designs is the use of skulls and dungeons. The skull design symbolizes many meanings one of them being the termination of one’s life. But besides that, skull designs can also be understood as rigid or tough. Over the years the perception of a skull is identical to danger. But the world of tattooing has given it a different meaning.

This transition has lead to the emergence of an assortment of kinds of skull designs. The first one to be dealt with is the girly skull design. Skulls earlier were usually worn by men. But the world of unisexual items has created a lot of items both common for man and women; the skull design has got a different look just by making it more feminine. In this a bow could be added on the design to add an extra girly touch. The color combination adopted should be in accordance with the colors which are most likely accepted by girls like pink and purple. This tattoo design is used by committed couples where the tattoos are the same but it has varying sexes.
These Skull Tattoos designs are used which pictures, a skull like design that signifies the immortality or also the revival of life. Another form of skulls is the decorated form. In this the design does not reflect a gothic touch rather a friendly or a happy touch. Skull is usually associated with a scary picture but in the decorated form the skull is accompanied with flowers, butterflies and other forms of nature to make it more attractive. Skulls can be also merged with other forms and designs i.e. we provide an extra element to the design. The skull can be depicted in a dragon form with wings, or a head of a skull and the body of a snake.

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