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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Barbie Tattoo Designs

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Barbie Tattoo Designs
In today’s society it seems that some parents will never agree with some sort of toy that is manufactured. The same can be said for Mattel’s new Totally Styling’ Tattoos Barbie.
As you can imagine from the name this new Barbie doll comes equipped with a nice set of tattoo stickers that children can place anywhere on Barbie’s body and a tattoo gun that allows children to stamp temporary tattoos on the doll’s clothes and on themselves if desired too.Of course several parents are in up roar over this claiming that it is inappropriate and that is it attracting children at a very young age to want to have tattoos and then to want to expose parts of their bodies so the tattoos can be seen. What these parents don’t seem to understand is that this new Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie is no different than parents buying their children temporary tattoos and letting them put them on their body.
So these up tight parents need to simmer down and realize it is not the end of the world for your child to have a tattoo themed Barbie doll. If you fear it will make them want to get a tattoo when they come of age simply do not expose you child to the Barbie. Lastly, Mattel Toy Company has issued a statement saying that they have no plans what so ever to discontinue the production of this Barbie doll because some parents don’t approve of it. Furthermore there are even more parents that don’t understand what the problem is with this harmless Barbie doll.

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