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Friday, 16 September 2011

Animal Tattoo

Animal Tattoos can be of different tattoo designs. They can be a symbol of anything in this world and also can be mental. There are feminine tattoos such as flowers, butterflies, angelsand manly tattoos such as dragons, skulls and animals are quite common. Many people make a tattoo of their favorite Animal Tattoos design on their bodies. It is important to know first what the animal suggests, because a tattoo is an eternal thing. If you get atattoo done and you don’t like it, you will regret forever.

  • A wolf tattoo
A greatly popular animal tattoo is that of the wolf. For some cultures the wolf is a very negativesymbol but in some the wolf stands out to be a positive symbol. It is the culture of the Native Americans to respect the wolf and treat the wolf as a positive being. The tattoo of a wolf may be used to represent the personality of a person who likes to stay alone and does not care about what other people think about him. But it will not be right to think that all wolves are like that; some wolves do socialize and move in packs.
  • A tiger tattoo
tattoo of a Tiger Animal Tattoos symbolizes sovereigns. Though the lion is considered the king of the jungle, many think that the tiger is no less. Some even think that if a battle occurs between a tiger and a lion, the tiger will win because of its nimbleness. Thus a tiger representspowerstrengthfearlessness and supremacy.
  • A horse tattoo
The horse Animal Tattoos is a symbol of intellect. The meaning of a horse tattoo changes if the color is changed. A dark horse represents rebellious nature, whereas a white horse represents purity. Generally women sport white horse tattoos. They sometimes add wings and horns to the white horse and turn them into a unicorn tattoo.
  • A dog tattoo
Dogs Animal Tattoos are the most faithful creatures of the world. They are loved by human beings. So we often find the tattoo of a dog on the arm of a man representing the dog he once loved but which is not alive anymore. This type of tattoo is seen mostly on firemen and police men who lost their German Shepard’s and Dalmatians on call duty.

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