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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Celebrity Tattoos Women

Celebrity Women want a tattoo simply as an embellishment there are a number who want their tattoo to mean something. It may be to remember an important event in their lives or to send a message or simply to express their personality. Whatever the motivation, Celebrity tattoos can help with our choices.

Some tattoos certainly sum up a person’s attitude to life. Lindsay Lohan’sLa Bella Vita” on the top of her right buttock seems suitable. Pink has something to say with “what goes around comes around” on her wrist. Jenna Jameson, who is a model and adult film star, has HEART BREAKER on her buttock. We probably cannot argue with that. For example, Christina Aguilera has a message in Hebrew on the inside of her left forearm: “I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me”. Mind you, she has a number of other tattoos on her, which may or may not have any meaning. Victoria Beckham has chosen a similar quotation in Hebrew: “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine, who browses among the lilies”, which is taken from the book of Solomon. The tattoo is plain to see, running down her backbone.
Women usually prefer more delicate tattoos such as flowers, butterflies, fairies and generally favor more colorful, fun, and intricate tattoo designs. Which is probably the most sellable among women especially the younger ones. You can also get a tattoo that is in the form of a text, some letters, Chinese or Japanese calligraphy, or you can get all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Whether she wants it to be small, cute and unremarkable and sexy, or big and obvious to prove a point or make a statement is totally up to her because tattoos also spell freedom. Where the girl tattoos are worn will also say something about her personality. When it comes to tattoos, don’t cut any corners when it comes to cost and never ask the artist to lower his/her price. Unlike before when tattoos on women were looked down upon by society, it is now something women can be proud of.
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Celebrity Tattoos women
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