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Friday, 16 September 2011

Lotus Tattoo Designs

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People nowadays use lotus tattoo designs to carry their own characters.  Everyone has his or her own personal reason for getting a lotus tattoo.  It could mean alogo or a personal image thatsymbolizes independence and favorite.  Suchlike the design, a tattoo is a symbol and representation of something of deep meaning or a tribute to someone very special to you.

The popular designs are the floral tattoo.  Flowers usually signify different meanings.  Just like thelotus tattoo which has strong figurative meanings and powerful statements of personal characteristic. The lotus tattoo usually relates to different meanings such as the process of how it grows.  Anything that grows under the pond is something that you would not imagine as being beautiful since the pond’s environment is kind of muddy and gross, but the lotus actually blooms here.
Lotus grows as a small flower at the bottom of a pond and its vine slowly grows up towards the surface of the pond.  The sprout facing downwards as the vine grows up towards the sunlight.  Once the vine reaches the surface of the pond and the light, the lotus tattoo begins to bloom and turn out to be a beautiful flower.
How the lotus flowers tattoo blossom into a beautiful flower despite of the fact that it grows from the slimy mud of the pond and that it was able to rise from the mud towards the sunlight and bloom into a pretty flower is something that symbolizes power, strength, and life.
lotus tattoo is not only a significant flower for some people; it is also a beautiful body art that makes it very popular floral tattoo.  The rich meaning of a lotus flower as a tattoo and its beauty make most of the tattoo artists very suggestive of the design.  Using this design they can easily create a very colorful and lively body art.

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