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Friday, 16 September 2011

Flower Tattoos

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Flower Tattoos
Flower tattoos are becoming very popular particularly among women who often see their tattoo as an extra accessory. Many women choose to have a tattoo because they think of it as having a piece of artwork that you can have with you wherever you go.Flowers have their own individual meanings and it is a good idea to find the meaning behind the flower that you choose. An increasing number of women choose the lotusflower as a tattoo. The Lotus flower has a long history and in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions it is seen as a sign of waking to a spiritual reality.

Most tattoo artists feel that the lotus flower is emblematic of life in general because if starts off in mud and turns into something beautiful. Many people who have had a rough time of things will sometimes have a lotus tattoo as a symbol of the fact that they are coming out of the other side of trouble.
Flower tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Until recent years many women who had a flower tattoo would have it placed somewhere on the body that was normally covered by clothing. Nowadays society has a far more open attitude to women withtattoos. A rose can signify eternal love and beauty but if the rose is black or is entangled with barbed wire then it tends to have a darker meaning. Many women start with small flower tattoos and then add to their body art over time. Hawaiian flower tattoos are worn by both women and men they might be a yellow Hibiscus or aflowery orchid.
One of the biggest attractions of flower tattoos is the fact that they tend not to date and will probably just as popular in twenty years as they are now. Some women have afloral tattoo around the navel or on the ankle bone. Many women like their tattooscustom designed and so they will take an ordinary flower and add their own adornments to it so that they finish up with a tattoo that is uniquely theirs. The beauty and delicate nature of cherry blossom makes it a popular choice for many women who want a tattoo. Cherry blossom is heavy with significance in both Chinese andJapanese cultures.

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