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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Celebrity Tattoo Quotes

When getting a tattoo quotes design for Celebrity, is to be sure you use a tattoo gallery to research and study before going to the parlor. Using these resources you can download and print off your Tattoo quotes design and give it a quick test as to how it will look on your body. Plus, this also ensures you get exactly what you want instead of a stock Celebrity Tattoo quotes design that anyone who walks in the door puts on their body.

* Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Designs – The possibilities are endless when getting this kind of tattoo art. One key piece of advice, though, is to avoid getting lots of color in the design here. A simple, black and white tribal butterfly looks killer on your lower back or pelvis area.
* Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs – Getting a Celtic cross design, especially on the lower back region, will look great if designed right. Consider using roman style edging on this instead of block shapes. The results will be much more classic looking and make your idea much more unique.
* Koi Fish Tattoo Designs – If you want to be both symbolic and unique, get some koi artwork. You can incorporate great color if you want, and this will look great on your ankle or shoulder blade area.
From head to toe, tattoo designs look hot on our beloved female celebrities. It gets even better when they are willing to show off and share their body art to the public making it worth the time to sneak a peek. Tattoos at one point in time were used to identify slaves or status in a community. Some tribal art was meant strictly for a chief or other important member of a tribe such as a medicine man or priest. These days famous tattoos take on a whole new meaning.
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Celebrity Tattoo quotes
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